The ‘Animal Careers’ Group is a sister company to our parent organisation ‘The Careers Programme Group’.

The Careers Programme Group is an organisation that is committed to creating inclusive, industry-led, pre-employability solutions to a range of employers within a range of underrepresented sectors. All our programmes are socially driven and built around inclusion, which offers everyone a fairer chance to access a career path of their choice. Our programmes are designed with both the learners in mind and led by our employer’s needs. The Careers Programme group is dedicated to making pre-employment routeways which are more inclusive
Set up in March 2018 we have placed on average 150 animal workers in paid employment via our animal care training programme. After being approached by a number of other sectors, in 2020 we decided to expand on our successes to support more jobseekers into work in a variety of other sectors.
Careers Programme Group, our parent organisation was formed to replicate our model to form further successes in other sectors.