We are committed daily to an active Equal Opportunities Mission. It is not just a policy to us, it is our way of life

Our equality mission is a core part of who we are and what we do, on a daily basis. This is not just a policy and it doesn’t just cover our recruitment, training and selection procedures. This runs right through our business.

We strive to ensure that everyone feels welcome. We recruit people who have the same passion, visions, dream and values as us. We love to watch people grow and believe in employing people who have a mind that is ‘built to grow’ whether that be from new learning, new development, feedback from appraisals, or promotional opportunities. We like to grow our people

We work hard to cultivate an environment based on nothing but ‘ability’. Our business has no tolerance for discrimination, harassment and victimisation. Everyone at The Careers Programme Group has grown in their roles. We are proud to have been recognised as an ‘investors in people’ business

We invest in our staff and believe that if we look after our teams, they in turn look after our both our learners and employers

We believe in treating others how we would like to be treated. Everyone should be treated as equals with respect and kindness by striving to do the right thing. We do not want to simply fit in. As a business we want to stand out for doing the right thing

We believe in inspiring everyone that we work with to achieve their full potential and to feel confident enough to grow. We love watching people in their journey regardless of;


  • gender, sexual orientation, or marital status
  • race, colour, nationality,
  • hours of work
  • religious or political beliefs
  • disability
  • Age

Sustainability & Inclusion within our programme

Through years of experience recruiting animal workers within the UK, we identified that a large volume of the animal lovers we spoke to, were passionate about working with animals – but often lacked the social mobility or employability skills that were needed to secure paid employment

Many of our employer partners standard recruitment methods had created unnecessary barriers and were typically uninclusive. Through partnering with the ACP, it was evidenced that employers had missed out on outstanding talent and that their standard procedures created unnecessary processes and barriers to some of the best talent

Some of the most sustainable animal workers in the industry have entered into the industry via the ACP, many of whom had previously been rejected for the exact same roles by the exact same employers!

ACP encourages our employer partners to become more inclusive by allowing new talent to build skills and knowledge, bypass applications and showcase their ability through a work placement.

By working with the ACP, employer partners are able to focus on what truly matters – a candidates ability and dedication to care for animals