Our Social Mission

The ACP (Animal Careers Programme) is committed to linking both employers and job seekers, to help educate, train and sustain job seekers into a range of inclusive animal care employment opportunities.

The ACP strives for inclusion in all that we do and supports this by offering more accessible and fair routeways into employment, via our employer-led pre-employment programme.

The ACP offers information, advice and guidance on every type of animal care role and believes that job seekers should be able to make their own decisions without any bias judgement. To support our mission we offer everyone the opportunity to explore the different career paths by offering free information such as online workshops on animal careers, ethics and inclusion

The ACP pre-employment programme has been designed to be both inclusive and ‘fit for purpose’ . All our employer partners have made a pledge to offer on the job training and accessible work placements.

ACP is passionately committed in supporting every candidate to find work by enhancing their employability skills with the same end goal, to successfully secure and sustain employment within Animal Care.


All of us here at the ACP are huge advocates for ‘on the job’ learning and in work support. This enables us to successfully support candidates who often tend to struggle in a standard interview scenario. We bridge the gap and give candidates a fairer chance to showcase their skills based on their ability in the role, not on an interview which some may find difficult due to a variety of factors.

We have supported many budding animal workers from a range of backgrounds to find accessible and sustainable employment not based on a CV, not based on how well they interviewed, but based on the capabilities, behaviours and commitment to do the job and care for animals.


Nothing is a challenge for us and we want to continue to eliminate any stigma that is often still surrounding disabilities, race, sexuality and  gender in the workplace