What is the ACP (Animal Careers Programme)?

ACP is an EMPLOYER LED training, development & employability programme that has been developed by some of the top employers of ‘animal workers’ within the UK

ACP has been developed by real people, with real work life experiences in the industry. These champions have developed and steered the programme content, based on being successful in their careers


The ACP training content has been designed to manage expectations to ensure that the pre- employment training and placements are relevant to the niche. We ensure that all training is actually ‘fit for purpose’.

All our learners are pre-trained and are educated on both animal care and our core values around inclusion and diversity. Every learner is committed to learning and gaining paid employment working with animals. Everyone who enrols onto the ACP, will receive full in-depth pre-employment training before entering into a work experience. Our training is designed to be ‘fit for purpose’ and tailored around each career path. We strive to ensure everyone involved with the ACP has a positive experience. Every learner will gain experience and key employability skills, however we endeavour to go above and beyond by supporting all our learners to secure paid employment. We do not believe in abandoning our learners after their work experience stage. We want to help change peoples lives and supporting them into work and also offer additional in work support should this be required.

Below shows  in a little more detail, just how each partner plays a vital part in the Animal Careers Programme
Every partner plays a vital part in the way we run the Animal Careers Programme


We believe that by working together and combining our strengths we can bridge the gap between the industry and the UKs ‘animal care’ talent
By working together, we are not only bridging the gap, but we are also ensuring that this in done in the most accessible, fair and inclusive way possible