Employer Benefits

What can you expect from an operations and organisational point of view?


  • Promoting your employer brand – whilst combating industry skills shortages from untapped talent pools
  • Financial return on investment – Our training is cost free! Our recruitment solutions will always be less than any other agency and will also help reduce the cost of attrition & rehire
  • Assurance that the right person gets the job – Through employing our learners you are changing your attraction & assessment, purely based on someone’s ability and the criteria for the job
  • Creating natural diversity and inclusion from day 1 – Make your organisation inclusive from the start and diversity comes naturally there after
  • Embed an innovative and inclusive culture – Enhance your employer brand
  • Proof that as a business you are socially responsible – by ‘doing the right thing’ and addressing under-represented groups
  • Increased productivity – with the extra ‘hands on’ support and your own internal staff developing their mentoring skills, whilst feeling a part of something too