Frequently Asked Questions

“How long will the work experience last?”

Typically 70 – 100 hours, you decide what that looks like but Standard is around 3 weeks Monday – Friday or 4-6 weeks 3 days a week. You choose as long as it is 70 hours minimum


“What do we have to sign or commit to? Are there any contracts?”

No lengthy contracts, simply a pledge of commitment. Our pledge consists of a few lines that will confirm you are willing to give a positive work experience to one of our learners! That simple!.. No big contracts or small print here!


“Who funds the £1,000 employers ‘work experience’ incentive and when?”

Thanks to the government, you can now claim £1,000 for up to 10 learners (maximum claim of £10,000 in each of the 9 regions so £90,000 maximum in the UK) The ESF (European Social Fund) put this incentive in place to support jobseekers to learn new skills and prepare them for employment. After you have had your learner, you simply complete the ‘claims form’ that will be sent to you and send it back to the ESF.


“Who provides the training?”

Don’t panic we have a simple tick sheet with some ideas on what you can get your learners to (ie shadow) whilst in the work experience. Plus our learners already been ACP pre-training before they start!


“How long is the lead time for a learner?”

Either immediately or up to 4-6 weeks. If we do not have a learner already enrolled locally, we ask for up to 4-6 weeks max. This enables us to advertise, enrol and train up your learner. However, we typically will already have a pool of already trained learners in each region, ready and waiting


“What is a ‘pledge’?”

A pledge is in simple terms is a “request for a work experience” from an employer


“What is a pledge of commitment?”

This is a few lines that we ask employers to sign to state they ‘pledge their commitment’ to giving a positive work experience


“Who are The Careers Programme Group (Careers PG) and what do they do?”

The Careers Programme Group is our parent organisation that has extensive experience creating employer/industry-led programmes in a range of underrepresented sectors.


“What’s the application criteria for a learner (age, qualification etc)?”

Learners can be qualified up to a Level 3 / A Level / Advanced Apprenticeship. Our traineeship schemes are running in partnership with Skillcert who have funding for 19 – 24-year-olds.


“What support is available if a learner has a disability or health condition?”

ACP will take care of everything. We cover this before we place a learner out. Every learner has a health screening and if required, they will complete a ‘reasonable adjustment form’ (RAJ). We will never send any learner out without full health clearance or 100% assurance that they are ‘fit for work’


“Why might I receive a RAJ Form and what is it used for?”

This is a live document that shows any adjustments or special requests (if any) that a learner may need in a placement. Often this is simply used to make our employers aware (ie that a learner has mental health although they do not need an adjustment etc). Its purpose is to manage everyone’s expectations


“What if I already have someone in mind? Can we put our own learner through”

Providing you have someone who fits the criteria of being educated to below a level 3, in the relevant funding region and is unemployed then YES! We can find you a learner, or you can simply refer a candidate to us and leave it all to us. We welcome as much or as little control as you like, so you are more than welcome to recommend learners to us