Some of our work, our team & our home 

Here at the ACP, we are very lucky to have access to many of our own animals both on-site and at home. We have a collection of pets ranging from sheep, alpacas, ducks, chickens, horses, ponies, goats, tortoises, dogs, cats you name it!
We are an animal-loving team and believe in having an animal-friendly environment. 
On this page, you can view some of the training team in action or simply meet some of our animals.
We love what we do, we love the team that we are, and thought we would share some of that fun with you!

Pete at Crocs R Us / Reptile Zone is just one of our many employer partners. Pete has learners travelling across the UK to experience life working with his species on site! Pete and the team are passionate about reptiles and offer interactive experiences to help make peoples dreams come true. Our learners are lucky enough to get to experience this too! Pete is a fantastic employer partner and offers honest feedback, learning experiences and placements for people who are passionate about working with reptiles such as snakes, lizards, crocodiles and more Check out Pete’s website for more info

Empowering Futures based in South Gloucestershire are a fantastic team of people who are passionate about supporting learners in the work placement on farms, Their team are super passionate and qualified as support workers to support some of our learners on the farm! Many move on into employment too. Maria is an excellent ambassador and champion and shares the same vision of wanting to create more ‘fair and inclusive’ opportunities within animal care. Check out Maria’s website for more info…



Working with the likes of the University of Liverpool, UCL London, Kings College London and Cambridge University, we are able to offer work placements within the role of an Animal Technician. Our role at ACP is to offer a range of experiences to all our learners in a range of career paths from farms, veterinary practises to dog walkers, dog groomers, rescue shelters and rehoming establishments, zoos and pet shops. Your name it.. we do it! We believe our learners should have the choice of where they would like to go and try our best to accommodate their learning experience in their chosen career path,