Our programme gives you all the pretraining you will need to successfully enter into a work placement. We cover a range of topics such as:


  • Animal Careers – What options are available to you
  • Ethics and legislation
  • Animal Behaviour, Biology
  • Different types of animals
  • Employability skills
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Our fit for purpose training will help you feel confident and understanding some of that jargon which you may find in a new job! We help take the stress off so that you can relax going into your work placement, knowing the key basics and what to expect.


No stress – just comfortable and well informed!


Your happiness, safety and wellbeing is so important to us. Nobody should ever feel not ready or unprepared to go into a work placement

After completing the introduction and core principles surrounding a role in animal care, learners will then be required to select 1 of our ‘career taster’ modules to explore their next stages in further depth. This helps prepare learners for what to expect in their ACP work placement.


Learners will select a minimum of 1 career taster module. Once they have completed this they can explore other modules if they wish. However, 1 career taster module is mandatory and is dependent on which placement they are due to enter in.


Work placements will have either been predetermined before enrolment or available afterwards depending on the type of application route.

ACP requires learners to carry out a 1 day ‘animal handling’ session which is delivered within one of the ACP partner facilities. We want our learners to walk into their placements feeling confident about being around the animals, how they may behave and how best to handle them.


This usually involves a morning site tour and presentation regarding the employers site and ‘real life’ animal handling in the afternoon to help prepare learners for their upcoming work experience. (Please Note – Due to COVID-19 and the limiting of travel, we have made a few changes and have designed a number of other options)


Work placements will have either been predetermined before enrolment or available afterwards depending on the type of application route.

Dependant on the employer host and their availability or request, this can be carried out in a number of ways;


  • Hands on / face to face – Either on site with the employer host or at one of our college or university partners premises
  • Virtually – Josefine our Qualified Trainer will do a live interactive demonstration
  • Pre-Recorded training – Using real life animals

Learners and partner employers will receive an ‘In Placement Training Log’ before the Learner commences their work experience. This ensures Learners are owning their training and assists managers in covering all the basic tasks during the Learners placement. Each training log has been designed specifically for that role. (ie Farmworkers, retailers, vets, animal technicians etc)


Each task is signed off along with each module being reviewed with the placement host. ACP Learners will never be thrown into a placement without clear goals and direction. Most importantly Learner and employers can track their progress.


At the end of the 70 – 100 hours work experience, learners will have an end of placement meeting with both their employer host and ACP trainer. It will then be decided what next steps will be taken ie) job interview, vacancy, CV update, further skills and testimonial / reference agreed


Learners will then have their portfolio finalised