Our programme gives you all the pretraining you will need to successfully enter into a work placement. We cover a range of topics such as:


  • Animal Careers – What options are available to you
  • Ethics and legislation
  • Animal Behaviour, Biology
  • Different types of animals
  • Employability skills
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Our fit for purpose training will help you feel confident and understanding some of that jargon which you may find in a new job! We help take the stress off so that you can relax going into your work placement, knowing the key basics and what to expect.


No stress – just comfortable and well informed!


Your happiness, safety and wellbeing is so important to us. Nobody should ever feel not ready or unprepared to go into a work placement

Our training is delivered online with our very own dedicated in-house, experienced and qualified tutors. We currently offer a City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Animal Care. This required a minimum of 90 hours guided learning hours. You will have a clear timetable that shows when you need to be online along with how many assessments, what is included and how you are going to achieve this qualification.

Please note: We do require you to have access to 3 pets or animals (get a little creative think of neighbours, friends or family pets!) You can use animals on your work placement however this all depends on how your placement is blended in with learning so we ask you to consider this first.

Depending on the employer host and their availability or request, this can be carried out in a number of ways;


  • Hands-on/face to face – Either on-site with the employer host or at one of our college or university partners premises
  • Virtually – our Qualified Trainer will do a live interactive demonstration
  • Pre-Recorded training – Using real-life animals

Stage 4 – What does the Work Experience cover?

Learners and partner employers will receive an ‘In Placement Training Log’ before the Learner commences their work experience. This ensures Learners are owning their training and assists managers in covering all the basic tasks during the Learners placement and evidencing what they have learnt. We know that not 1 size fits all and ask that employer partner consider ‘real life’ experiences with variety, so, for example, cleaning out, cash handling or shop til work, general customer service, animal handling.. all the real-life experiences they would experience day to day!

At the end of the 70 hours of work experience, learners will have an EXIT review. This is sent to both their employer host and their learner (it enables them to confidentially give feedback and share openly whatever they wish to share). It will then be decided what next steps will be taken ie) job interview, vacancy, CV update, further skills and testimonial/reference agreed. We ask all employer partners to give feedback or references to add to the learners ACP portfolio.


Learners will then have their portfolio finalised

Stage 5- Moving on from Programme

Before you leave the programme you will have received top tips, physical resources and tools along with training to give you sector-led employability skills. These tools are additional skills that we offer to truly help equip and support you in finding employment within Animal Care

This includes;

  • Portfolios (Including your journey, tutor testimonials, employer testimonials, animal care headshot etc)
  • Social Media template and images
  • How to Find a Job in Animal Care (Live interactive workshop)
  • Full Online access to all our LMS portals which includes all resources and online careers taster modules