Want to be a part of the ACP?

We are always on the lookout for both new employer partners and referral partners so please do get in touch if you feel you would like to be a part of the programme.

We operate throughout the UK and are able to tailor both our information workshops and our ACP employer programmes to suit.

We understand that 1 size simply does not fit all!

We always welcome all kinds of conversations and will always take the time to explore new ways of working together

Employer Partners

We run our work experience programme on both a ‘regional’ and ‘individual’ cohort basis.


What is a regional cohort?


Simply put, we run regional cohorts when we have a large number of different employer partners who are looking to recruit within a busy region.


What is an Individual Cohort / pledge?


Looking to give back or have a small volume of capacity? Not a problem, we take on smaller 1 of pledges too. No employer opportunity is too big or too small! We call this in an individual pledge.

Referral Partners


Are you a job centre, school or college who is looking to refer small or large volumes of candidates onto us for some more information, advice and guidance? Not a problem!


We run daily ‘live and online’ virtual information sessions for up to 15 people at a time.


What do we cover in our workshops?


In our virtual workshops, we welcome potential new recruits to help them gain more information about life in animal care. We offer a live workshop so that participants are able to ask questions as they go along. We welcome anyone who may be exploring a role within animal care or people who may have already gained some experience. Information workshops are hosted by our team of qualified trainers and also come with visual slides to help the participants.


(Please note – Should you have anyone with a specific need, we can offer this information in an alternative format. Please do not hesitate to ask! If we can do it, we will!)


Meaningful Local Relationships

We are always looking to grow our local community referral partners and welcome the chance to work with all types of partners. We currently work with a range of educational institutes and support services within our employers local communities.

We are more than happy to adapt to our referral partners needs and welcome any kind of conversation about how we can support each others accomplishments and goals. We want everyone to be a part of the picture and to ensure that everyone benefits from the work of the ACP.

Through years of experience engaging with educational institutions, we understand their needs. We have experience of tailoring workshops to fit in with syllabus, objectives or key support needs.  As a part of the Careers Programme Group, we even keep our own up to date record of destination measures.


Referral Partners Benefits;


  • Increase in both quality & volumes of destination measures (DLHE)

  • Job Outcomes – Outstanding In To Work Rate (Currently 96% as of March 2020)

  • Hands on Real Life ‘Careers Advice’ – Supporting students with employability skills & transitioning into paid employment from a team of experienced industry workers

  • Ethics and research discussions – Topics surrounding animal care, euthanasia, veganism, animal rights, legislation etc

  • Enhanced  Scope of Employer Engagement – ACP employer partners are always keen to get involved with our referral partners!

  • Supports the GATSBY benchmarks

  • Peace of mind and a safe pair of hands! We are disability confident and believe in seeing everyone’s ability. You can trust us to help ensure reasonable adjustments are in place. We promise your jobseekers will be well looked after! Our co-founder Jo’s core passion and career history has always been to support local communities in to work whilst inspiring employers to be more inclusive and diverse in their approach. Trust us! We’ve got this!