The Strive Group

The Strive Group partnered up with the ACP in 2020 to help support the ACP to strive for even greater inclusion and diversity. The Strive Group (TSG) are heavily focused on ethical delivery to implement strategic change which a result creates clear business benefits, along with a visible return on investment, for employers across the globe


Strive heavily believed in the same visions and goals as the ACP, so it was a natural step to work together to strengthen our impact for change

Same vision and same goals…

We both strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be individual whilst being treated in the same way within the workplace. After all shouldn’t a workforce be judged on ability, potential and work ethic? We also believe there should be a healthy curiosity and desire to understand the individual make up of our colleagues


As a strong part of ACPs social mission is to ensure that ‘everyone’ has a fairer chance to succeed based on ability, we saw great value in working side by side with The Strive Group

An inclusive employer offers security, opportunity, an environment that people thrive in and most of all a workplace that employees want to work in. Strive heavily promotes the view that employers should focus on inclusion first with diversity being the outcome of this, not a condition an organisation tries to impose. Focusing on achieving inclusion is essential to the success of any business